Oak Grove Baptist Church is attracting children and young families from across the region.

The explosive growth of our children’s ministries has brought Oak Grove to our next phase of expansion… a 12,000 square foot new children’s building. This incredible building will feature classrooms, an indoor play area, a children’s worship center, expanded parking, a dedicated main entrance, and a vibrant, secure atmosphere that will give Oak Grove Kids a wonderful, dedicated space to become disciples of Christ. Oak Grove’s Forward: Continuing the Legacy campaign is designed to help the church provide this much needed space for its families to grow spiritually and to continue effectively using the church facilities to reach the current and next generations with the good news of Jesus. This building will be used for Sundays, our busy Wednesday nights, and other weekly ministries like Pre-School and Mother’s Day Out programs. The facility will be built using contemporary construction techniques and designs, making it more practical and effective in its purpose. The Forward: Continuing the Legacy campaign is also designed to help Oak Grove kick-start its 2030 Vision, which entails a North Entrance add-on and gathering space, along with updates and renovations throughout the rest of the church. 

  • 12,000 sq ft Children’s Building
  • Classrooms
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Children’s Worship Cetner
  • Expanded Parking
  • New Dedicated Main Entrance